Open letter: “Dream Big, Start from Small, Move Fast”

Dream big allows us to ascend to the pin-point of the pyramid to look down to the sub-layers of issues. But without acting from small and concrete tasks, dreaming is merely an empty talk. To move fast and to achieve, bearing visions and polish each inch of practice, only then can we finally shoot the target.


Strategy consulting, standing from the top of the pyramid, is not an empty visionary talk. On the contrary, it is a demanding career to merge visions, facts and consensus among cross-departmental functions in order to maximize the greatest probability of growth and achievement. For sure, this is what on the agenda of the C-level leaders’ prioritized issue. To grow is to coordinate and capitalize on corporate’s capability and resources to create value.


Management consulting industry, especially strategic consulting, recalls well a famous inference by Sun Tzu in the Art of War, that is “A long-lasting split is always followed by a reunion, and vice versa”. Put it into tumultuous business world, the ultimate goal for organizations to survive and remain competitive is to make an equilibrium at a controlled cost level, that is to change in a constant manner. The mission of strategic consulting is then to lead and support changes of firms. And to reach these goals, to change, to transform and to leverage the edging resources are the keys. Hence, dream big, start from small and move fast is the essence of growth. This is the fundamental philosophy of strategic consulting.


As a junior management consultant candidate, hoping to join a top management consulting firm like yours, I’m passionate and fully dedicated to walk neck by neck with your fellow talents and mentors, and create value for transformation and optimization both internally and externaly.