“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”
Ernest Hemingway

Time flies fast out of imagination. It seems the right occasion to drop a full stop to the four-year stay in Paris.

Saying goodbye to France quite close to the political events, what leaves behind is a country far beyond anticipation.

Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen, the 2017 France presidential election is approaching to the final note. Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron runs neck in neck  with far-right Front National leader Marine le Pen, who dares to confirm a Black Swan could not happen again in France, followed by Donald Trumps’s inauguration. Whatever the future it is, my wish is: it progresses … ahead…

A Moveable Feast

A country’s future carries dreams of millions independant individuals; so do I, a student having spent one of the best season in life in a land of adventures and surprises. Stay or not stay, the ultimate dream comes to be giving the best of mine, without regrets.

Here sitting in a Café at Charle de Gaulle Airport, counting down the moments flipped away, I’m peaceful in mind without great sense of separation. This is what being a grown-up all about. Also, for sure, Paris, a moveable feast, will be with me as always.

Pressed for time to pack my trip to China, I wish I could have much more time to reorder my minds, say goodbye to all good friends and even great masters of arts in each corner of each gallery and museum. But it is quite likely that no matter how much time under my control, it never ends to accomplish bidding my farewell to Paris.

So my way to wave farewell is to “see you soon”.

Bonjour, Paris!





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