What do investors look for?

A service to predict the future—long-term vision (i.e. sustainable business model) + Growth potential

  • Team
  • Real Problem: How big the problem is?
  • Big & growing market
  • A good/ unique solution
  • Competitive advantage
  • Innovation & Differentiation (High-Alpha= highly risky investment with a proportional reward)
  • Disruptive and 1st mover advantage
  • A clear and a viable business model
  • Plan the Play, Play the Plan (Finding the best way to be agile and stick to the plan—make a balance)
  • Know the odds
  • Avoid the naysayers


What are the sources of professional funding?

  • Accelerators
  • Angels/ Angel Clubs
  • Crowdfunding
  • State, federal & Foreign bilateral funds
  • VC Funds
  • Corporate Venture Funds


P.S. VC Funds VS Corporate Venture Funds

Corporate Venture Funds (CVF) focuses less on RETURN than VC Funds, but more concentrated on the FIT for the corporate’s strategy.


SUMMARY: Remember the VC checklist

  • Excellent team
  • A real problem
  • Big and growing market
  • A unique solution
  • Innovative technology
  • Solid business model

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