It has been less than a month since last post “This morning, what did I learn after getting up at 5?” . Neither long nor short, but something has already changed. Within few days, there have been more than 350 viewers and 27 likes and even an unknown professional shared and commented on it by saying “Wake up to explore your full potential, enjoy life and sunrise. I’ve done it again this morning and had a great day full of energy and optimism. Pushed myself to the limit but only in these situations I feel alive”. Truthfully, I’m honored and so glad to see the impact on others and the practice of a good lifestyle since it speaks louder what we believe in life and ourselves.

For sure, as with the influence of the post, it is not a big success compared to articulated journalists or influencers, but at least it can be regarded as “a drop in the ocean” and I did recognize words can create some ripples and make some impacts on some significant others’ life. Meanwhile, I think myself have benefited the most from the messages in the article.

Briefly, I would like to share with you my own story of changes. Even they are not big, but who would deny that quantitative changes cannot lead to qualitative changes?

Morning photo during Na’s jogging

In the miracle morning, there are 3 practices that lighten my whole day:

First, learning a language before I bury myself into other tasks. I’ve tried it for almost a month and I grasp the essence of the freshness in the head and it is a great trial to start with the learning of a foreign language since our minds are empty without any stuffs hover around. For instance, I listen to Radio France and RFI early in the morning as a ritual. To be frank, these charming voices behind channels and radios have been seen as my “French professors” and even I passed by the head office of Radio France and RFI in Paris, I show great respect each time for their work and help.

Second, reading a book. Recently, I’m quite interested in history and psychological topics. So I borrowed and bought a few books to satisfy the unlimited appetite for such new ideas and intelligence. Reading in the morning is like a cup of coffee for the breakfast. A few minutes fully dedicated to lines of stories can inspire our minds and add freshness to the whole day.

Third, jogging empowers the day. I like running in the city, under Tour Eiffel, alongside la Seine, or around the Allée des Cynes where the Statue of Liberty guides me all along the 40 minutes. I am learning to be grateful from the simple test of running in the morning since what I see, I smell, and I feel, all are full of liveliness and tranquility. Each morning, whether sunny or rainy, different rolls of scenery would be unveiled in front of me.

Actually, I am motivated equally by the runners who share the same passion in life.

Once, I ran across a couple who were running towards me. Far away from me, what I noticed was just that both of them were in great and sportive shapes. However, I didn’t recognize the fact that the woman was pregnant until we passed by. What surprised me was that at such “stage of life”, she even kept jogging as a “ritual” (since her body shape has already unleashed the hint). For a Chinese like me, it could be a lesson for being a woman. So for the rest of the jogging that day, I could not stop thinking about…myself…as a woman…

Similarly, on another occasion, I came across a father, who is not a typical father as I see. You know why? Armed from the head to the toes as a runner, he was “equipped” with a baby carriage. Running behind this father and his son, I could not say a word but a sense of honorable respect to the “record-breaking” dad-and-son spirit and his passion of running or I would say, the controlling and leading of his own life.

As a matter of fact, what surprised me as I started to run in the city was the observation of the locals, the intuitive thoughts, the meditations on every issue… Re-arrangement of mixed-up ideas and stuffs is operated efficiently during the golden time in solitude.

Hopefully, near the end of the sharing of my story, I would like to wish this article could be another engine to power me continuously. And if it could help you, who are reading my words, I do appreciate it and I’m so honored to help you, too.

Here are some photos taken in the morning when I was running and I’m proud to say “I ran 139 km since last post within less a month.”




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